Born in 1995, lives and works in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is a Student at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe in the class of Tatjana Doll.

André Wendland finds inspiration for his work in everyday life. Thus he sees opportunity for his creative output everywhere and expands this

narrative during the act of paining. His esthetic is influenced by cartoon paintings without being limited to whole storys as a narrativ.

Statement - André Wendland

„Even in my childhood I was a big fan of cartoons. The colourfulness, the clear surfaces, but of course also the humour and entertainment factor are reasons for this. In 2020, I began to work with this theme in my studio as well and quickly realised that the source of inspiration of the cartoon offers me great opportunities for development.

Various new approaches to my painting emerged, such as painting directly on flat screens, old tube TVs or discarded mobile phones. All with the aesthetics of cartoons. Characters like the Simpsons or Mickey Mouse kept appearing in my work.

In 2020, parallel to painting, I tried my hand at animation myself. With plasticine I formed my own figures and "compositions" for the moving 

image, and a few small stop-motion films.films.

The examination of composition became more important for me in painting and I became more and more involved with it. Whether television, mobile phone or computer, all displays are limited by a frame. The canvas in the studio is also limited and its format thus influences what happens on it. With this in mind, over the course of the last year, my motifs have become larger and fuller, as have the formats. Joke and humour are always present, although I am not exclusively concerned with a narrative representation. Form and colour compositions also play a major role in my work. I often start my sketches with simple forms and subdivisions without knowing beforehand what I want to depict in the end.

This is also how the work "Sharing a bigger Cigarette" (2022) came about.

Two simple ellipses with a vertical intersection served as the basic framework for the motif, that developed from them in the painting process.

I don't want to see my work exclusively in my studio or at exhibitions on a white wall. I prefer a context that better suits the content of the paintings.