Born in 1989, lives and works in Svendborg, Denmark. 

He graduated from the Design Academy (Odense), The Drawing Academy, in the class of Artem Alexeev, and the Danish School of Media and journalism in Visual Communication (multiple teachers). 

Laust Højgaard’s universe combines exaggeration, a keen sense of detail, finely worked texture and distortions. The artist works on several paintings at the same time and thus gives real coherence to his work, making the sources of inspiration resonate.

On his works, conceived as boxes in which a thousand references must succeed to enter, characters cross from different influences: mythology seems to meet with pop and urban culture. The bodies, tagged with symbols, play on geometry, irony and gigantism. Each figure, unique, adopts its own body language materialized by a direct work on the canvas, in multiple layers of paint creating a palpable depth.