Conrad Ruiz (*1983 in L.A., USA) received his MFA from the California College of the Arts, he lives and works in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles-based painter Conrad Ruíz 

interrogates the link between fire and catharsis as it gets circulated in today’s media, no 

longer tethered to the moralism we see in 

puritan American history. Where Eagles Dare comprises seven watercolor paintings that 

develop the artist’s investigation of this new American sublime.

For the past 3 years, Ruíz has worked with 

watercolor paint to produce arresting 

representations of people and machines 

engulfed by fire. The fluidity of watercolor paint, as opposed to acrylic or oil, imparts a visual imprecision that recalls the blur of photographs taken in motion, or the distorting effects of light as filtered through flame. His paintings, when viewed from afar, take on a realist allegiance to illusionistic space. But when viewed up close, the artist’s brushstrokes supersede their 

context, similar to how pixels, noise, or grain overpower their scenes in blown-up 

photographs. Like the properties of fire itself, Ruíz’s surfaces contain a tension between the material and the immaterial, the abstract and the figural.