ZES(ER) is a contemporary artist from Los Angeles whose sense of adventure in his daily life – including scaling tall buildings and observing a bird’s-eye view of the city - explicitly translates into the mixed media works he creates with brushes and acrylics. His finished pieces are layered, raw, and radiate with the energy of the life-and-death experiences he faced on the streets, as well as his deep obsession with architecture and the storied history of the city that continues to inform and evolve his work.

Having shown in the United States and around the world, ZESER says of his works, “each piece is its own freestyle.” Inspired by the masters that have come before him who preferred a spontaneous approach - where the expression of feelings was more important than the technique - each layer of gestural abstraction from ZESER reveals more and more detail brought to the forefront by sweeping circular and geometric strokes in acrylic, spray paint and ink.

As he continues to reach new heights in his everyday life, so to has he upped the ante on vibrant studio works that make him one to watch for the foreseeable future. “Tomorrow is never guaranteed,” ZESER says. “With that said, I hope to continue making my mark.”